•   To teach the basic principles of dowsing for geopathic stress and other unhealthy each energies as well as the required terminology

Objectives: At the end of the evening students will be able to:
•   Understand how to select a healthy site for living/working and identify geomantic problems.
•   Know how to develop the skills necessary for successful identification of geopathic stress and use of basic techniques to effect harmonising.

Dowsing of Geopathic Stress:
•   Due to human mental energy residues on sites or ‘downstream’ of battles despair or displacement.
•   Due to physical change in the landscape such as quarrying, mining or construction.
•   Due to the natural energies of the site being inappropriate to present use.
•   Other sources of sick building syndrome including air quality, light quality, sound and electromagnetic stress.

Practice and Technique:
•   Discuss, demonstrate and coach practices and techniques with emphasis on tangible techniques with physical tools.
•   Intangible techniques using intention alone.
•   Introduction to geopsychic issues such as; elementals and nature spirits; man ghosts and other entities.

Support and Safety Net:
•   Ensure students understand that personal risk is involved in some of these practices and that a good support network of friends and other practitioners is essential for safe practice.  Understand that the tutor of this course will have a duty of care to support students as necessary.

Ethics and Codes of Practice:
•   Review the British Society of Dowsers members’ code and discuss the ethical considerations of working with, changing or healing earthy energies both on price property and in public spaces.
•   Review and discuss psychic maintenance and protection.

Dowsing resources
•   Information about recommended books and websites, the activities of the Earth Energies Group within The British Society of Dowsers and further training.

Next weekend course 2017, 9.30 am to 5.00 pm with an hour for lunch

Thornton le Clay Village Hall
Nr Castle Howard