What Is Dowsing?

In the mid 5th century, Herodotus the Greek was the first person to record the use of the “Y” fork made from a hazel branch. There are cave drawings, which are thousands of years old, said to depict people dowsing for water and minerals. Whatever history tells us, it is a fact that dowsing has been with us for a long time.

Let us take a look at what the English Dictionary tells us about dowsing.

“Dowse” “Searching for underground water or minerals by holding a stick or rod which dips abruptly when over the right spot”

Once you have done a little dowsing it soon becomes evident that the dictionary is an outdated and understated definition of the understanding of dowsing.

So let us take a look at the current train of thought and use of dowsing within the 21st century.

  • It is the individual dowser that limits the dowsing potential. This statement will follow any dowser, beginner, or those with experience, throughout their dowsing life.
  • There are many avenues to which dowsing can apply but we tend to look towards the main 4 sectors which are: Water Dowsing, Earth Energies Dowsing, Archaeology Dowsing and Health and Healing.
  • Village Water www.villagewater.org dowse village sites in Zambia for potential water wells. 98% of dowsed sites are confirmed as wells and the village members help in the construction of the new water well.
  • The Earth Energies are related to the Earth Mother. We call it Geomany in the UK. Here dowsers attempt to understand the concepts of electromagnetic and subtle energy lines and leys that travel around the globe. There are spirals, earth grids, power centres and more.
  • Archaeological dowsing is used in many situations to establish the presence of all kinds of archaeology in the long distant past or of a more recent nature.
  • Another aspect of dowsing is locating items, animals and people. There are, in fact, dowsers who specialise in this sector.
  • Health and Healing has a big following throughout the world and no more so than in the UK. There are many offshoots to this sector. They all appeal to both Professional therapists and interested amateurs who look at life in a caring and holistic way. You learn how dowsing can be used to indicate the nature of illness, allergies and intolerance. Dowsing can also be the key to finding the most appropriate therapy and nutritional balance for you.
  • Whatever sectors we follow the basic principles are the same for each of us. In the early stages dowsers rely on tools to get a dowsing response. But after much experience they can dowse in a ‘Device-less’ manner, (Using our Right Brain Intuition)This is the dowser’s long term goal. However many dowsers use the tools all their life.
  • So how does it work? If I had a £1 for every time I’ve been asked this question!!! The answer is nobody knows. There are theories, but because they are theories I am not going down that avenue. As a famous dowser once said, (Sig Lonegren) “we know it works so let’s just enjoy it” something along these lines anyway. But he is correct. Maybe the answer will be revealed within the next millennium or maybe never.
  • Science has eluded the principles of dowsing. Scientists think along the lines that they must be able to use the senses and use meters to establish facts. What a boring universe this would be if it was so! It is true the ‘new age’ up and coming scientists are more involved in dowsing. In fact, there are professional people from these realms who are in deep study of the dowsing response. I have a feeling their quest is going to be a long one.