•   To give students a comprehensive foundational understanding of the types of labyrinths, their use, students to design a 7 path labyrinth and construct one onsite.

Objectives: At the end of the evening, students will be able to:
•   Understand the nature of labyrinth construction, including their history, geometry and uses.
•   Be able to design a labyrinth using eh seed principle, 3 and 7 path constructions
•   To understand how to use and communicate with a labyrinth, appreciate and apply dowsing to the energies within the site.

Introduction to Understanding Labyrinths:
•   Definition and description of labyrinths, types of labyrinths built, draw a scaled plan and apply it into a practical situation.

Practice and Technique:
•   Students to design a labyrinth using classroom tools, on‐site circle construction using tape and flags.

Dowsing Concerns and Considerations:
•   Ethical consideration when dowsing within the labyrinth, including respecting and removing personal and community boundaries and areas of privacy and confidentiality.

Dowsing resources
•   Information about the BSD, training programme, special interest and local groups.

Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th May 2017

Kirkham Priory
Whitwell on the Hill
YO60 7JS